Unbelievable!!!!How I Earn Extra 5,000 Daily Online by just reading News

Two years ago i was working as an accountant in some company in industrial area in Nairobi however my world came crushing when i lost my job after the company i was working for folded up its operations in Kenya. I was very depressed without knowing how i will feed my family,I am married with two kids.That when my friend introduced me to a online job called Mesach News.

Mesach News is a news website that pays its members to read news,comment,share on facebook/whatsapp,Posting News articles and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay kes 300 for every person that you invite to join hence if you refer 10 people in a day that alone will earn kes 3000 clean money in a day.

I received my first payment of Kes 38,000 after two weeks of join and second payment of kes 68,000 after five weeks of joining with much of the income coming from affiliate commission i earned after inviting people to join the program.Payments were done directly to my Mpesa line and i was very excited since i could tell that Mesach News was a real and legit online job.All you need to get started with Mesach News is a Smartphone,internet and an Mpesa line for receiving payments.

Within one year of working on Mesach News i had already surpassed Kes 1 million in monthly income.The good thing with this online job is that it does not take much of your time,with just 2-3 hours a day you are good to go.

With the money i had saved from Mesach News i approached a bank for loan for investing in logistic business.I started with one truck and grew them to 20 trucks in a span of two years thanks to Mesach News.The logistic company is currently valued over kes 50 million and has employed more that 50 people but i still work online on  Mesach News part-time.

Mesach News is the most sure way of making money online especially this time of Corona Virus where people are urged to work from home.It can be done by anybody as long as you are willing to learn how it works.Success with this online job is not guaranteed unless you are willing to work hard and smart.

If you are a risk-taker and wish to make money online,then register on Mesach News and get started ,you will thank me later

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