“I make West African CFA franc 158,000 monthly working online,” 24 year old narrates his success story

Ezekiel Kuria is a serial entrepreneur who has tried his hand in several businesses some  failing while others doing very well.He began his entrepreneur journey way back in 2016 and after being unable to secure formal employment.One of the business that has made him live a good life is the online job called Mesach News. Mesach News pays in Kenyan Shillings.

“I was invited by a friend to join this online job called Mesach News. At first i was very skeptical thinking it was some scam but after doing research about it and seeing how it had changed people’s lives i decided to give it a trial,”he narrates.

Mesach News is a news website that allow its members to earn money reading news,commenting,sharing on whatsapp/facebook and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.They pay kes 300 for every person you refer to join hence if you invite 10 people to join that alone will earn you kes 3000 clean Money.They generate revenue through advertising hence the more traffic they have is they more money they make.

“I received my first payment of kes 18,000 within two weeks of joining and second payment of kes 41,000 within 6 weeks of joining the program.At this point i was sure that Mesach News was a legit online job hence i decided to put all my effort on it.Much of income was coming from affiliate commission after referring people to join the program,”he adds.

To get started with Mesach News all you need is a smartphone,internet connection and an Mpesa line for receiving payments.

“Within 6 months of working on Mesach News i had already surpassed kes 500,000 in monthly income.The good thing with Mesach News is that it does not take much of your time,with two hours in a day you are good to go.This online job is real and legit and could advice anybody looking on how to make money online to just try it out.I have invested the money i have made with Mesach News into real estate which is paying very well.On a good month i make kes 3 million both from the online job and other businesses that i own,”he says.

“To realize success with this online job you must work hard and smart and also have a positive mind towards the job.This is not a get rich quick kind of a thing. Mesach News is real and legit and anybody can make money from it.Personally am still working on Mesach News full time and not quitting anytime soon.I have bought a good house and 3 cars using the money i made from this online job,”he adds.

Mesach News is the most sure job that you can do especially this time of Corona Virus where people are being urged to work from home.

If you want to make some money online,then join Mesach News and Get started.

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