Meet 27 year old Businessman who makes kes 1 Million monthly working online Part-time.This is what he does

Meeting Chris Mulwa for the first time you could think he is a son to some wealthy politician because of his lifestyle but that not the case,he has achieved this through hardworking and determination.At only 27 year old he has built a business empire that generates over kes 1 Million a month.

“I have been unemployed for the longest time since i graduated from the university.I studied Bachelor of commerce which i passed very well but have never secured any meaningful employment ever since.Last year my friend introduced me to a online job called MesachNews and ever since my life has changed completely,”he narrates.

MesachNews is a News website that pays its members to reads news,comment,share on fb/whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program.The pay kes 300 for every person you refer to join hence if you refer 10 people in a day that alone will earn kes 3000 clean money.

MesachNews generates revenue through advertising  and share it with its members on 50-50 basis hence the more traffic they have is the more money they make.

“I received my first payment of kes 22,000 within 2 weeks of joining and second payment of kes 38,000 after 6 weeks with much of the income coming from affiliate commission that i earned after referring people to join.At this point i was sure that was a very legit job and i decided to devote more time on mesachnews.,”he narrates.

“Success with mesachnews is not guaranteed unless you are willing to work hard and smart.The secret is to understand how the system works and taking advantage of it.Within 6 Months i had already surpassed kes 200,000 in monthly income.After one year of saving i ventured into Yoghurt processing business which is very profitable.In a bad month i make over a million in profit.I still work on part-time,” he adds.

To get started with all you need a smartphone,internet and Mpesa number for receiving payment.They disburse payment through Mpesa but with large withdraw they support bank transfer also.This is the most sure way to make money especially this time of corona pandemic where people are being urged to work from home.

“I have managed to buy 3 cars just from money i made from this job.Currently am saving to buy my dream house.I can afford to take a vacation in whichever country that i like.I would urge anybody looking on how to make money online to try is real and legit,”he says.

If you are a risk taker and wish to make money online,just Join Mesach News and get started.

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