“I make kes 1 Million working online,this is what i do,” 27 year old kenyan Businesswoman narrates her success story.

Making money at the comfort of your home is the dream of any entrepreneur and Ann chebet has just been doing it.For her it  started as a hobby but later turn into a profitable business venture.Working full-time as a nurse ,she only spare 2 to 3 hours a day and her life has changed for the good.

“I was invited via whatsApp by a friend to join this online job called Mesach News .At first i was very skeptical but after seeing how this job had changed my friend life i decided to give it a try and that was the beginning of my success journey,”she says.

Mesach News is a news website that pays its members to read news,comment,share on Facebook/Whatsapp and affiliate commission when you invite people to join the program. Mesach News pays kes 300 for every person you refer to join hence if you invite 10 people in a day that alone will earn kes 3000 clean money.

“I received my first payment of kes 18,000 after 3 weeks of working and second payment of kes 27,000 after six weeks.I was really excited since i knew for sure that Mesach News was a legit online job that was paying its members.The good thing about this online job is that you can do it as a part-time and still make some good money,”she narrates.

“Within 6 months of working on Mesach News i had already surpassed kes 200,000 in monthly income with much revenue coming from affiliate commission that i earned after referring people to join Mesach News. This online job is real and legit and could recommend it anyone willing to make money from.With my small salary as a nurse, Mesach News has enabled me live a lifestyle of most successful people,”she adds.

Mesach News makes revenue through advertising and in return share it with its members on 50-50 basis hence the more traffic they get is the more money they make. Mesach News is the most sure way of making money online especially this time of Corona Virus where people are urged to stay home.

“I have invested my money in pharmaceutical business where have opened several pharmacies in town.I have bought 3 cars with money i made from Mesach News. In a good month i  make more than a million in profit while still working full-time as nurse.I have also built my parents a good home all from the money i made fro this online job.My success right now i can only attribute it to Mesach News,” she says.

If you wish to make money online especially this time of corona virus,just Join Mesach News and get started

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