President Donald Trump is spotted with toilet paper on his shoe AGAIN

After giving a speech at the Economic Club of New York, the 73-year-old leader of the free world was seen exiting the presidential limousine at Wall Street Helipad Landing with the first lady — and toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

When Trump stepped out of the vehicle ahead of his short Marine One flight to John F.

Kennedy International Airport, a piece of tissue was awkwardly hanging from the bottom of his black brogues.

This is not the first time such an embarrassing mishap has happened to the president, who was mocked for having toilet paper on his shoe when he boarded Air Force One in October 2018.

The hilarious moment was caught on video and shared on Twitter, inspiring plenty of jokes at his expense.

In the clip, Trump rises from his limousine and strides confidently up the steps to the plane, with the white sheet of toilet paper flailing after his foot with each step.At last, when he reaches the top of the staircase, he gives the crowd a final wave and enters the plane, where the tissue falls off.

The Commander in Chief seemed oblivious to the toilet paper trailing after his every step.

Trump was luckier this time around, as the offending toilet paper was gone by the time he and Melania stepped off the helicopter at the airport and boarded Air Force One. With the temperature being in the 30s and large gusts of wind blowing in their direction, the 49-year-old first lady kept warm as best she could in a $590 herringbone coat by Red Valentino. Melania wore the coat over a black sweater and black skinny jeans, topping off the casual travel look with a pair of black combat boots featuring buckles across the front.

As they made the short trek from Marine One to Air Force One, she wrapped her arms around herself while trying to keep warm.

She even leaned into her husband’s chest, prompting him to put his arm around her.

The former model’s highlighted brown hair blew around her face as the wind whipped around them.

Trump, meanwhile, wore a navy wool coat over his signature navy suit that he accessorized with a red tie.

Like his wife, he held his coat closed the best he could, but when he gave a wave on the tarmac, the wind blew it open and his red tie went flying in the air.

They were later seen landing at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where they boarded Marine One and flew to the White House.

Although it was nighttime, Melania had on dark sunglasses when she stepped off the helicopter and walked across the South Lawn with her husband following their arrival.

Earlier in the day, Trump told the Economic Club of New York that America now has its eye on a new Islamic State leader, saying that ‘we know where he is.’Trump didn’t mention the name of the new target, but he is likely referring to Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, the man who has been named to replace Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as head of the terror group.

Al-Baghdadi took his own life last month as U.S. commandoes closed in on him in northern Syria.In his speech, Trump said the U.S. got al-Baghdadi, then got ‘his second’ and now, ‘we have our eye on his third.

His third has got a lot of problems because we know where he is, too.’Little is publicly known about al-Qurayshi, and the group typically identifies its leaders using pseudonyms that refer to their tribal affiliation and lineage.

The group does not have a clear hierarchy and few details are known about the remaining top leaders.

U.S. Army special operations forces chased al-Baghdadi into a dead-end tunnel on a compound where he had been hiding, and he set off a suicide vest he was wearing.The ‘second’ that Trump mentioned was likely Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, a close aide of al-Baghdadi and a spokesman for the group since 2016.

He was killed in a joint U.S. and Kurdish military operation just hours after al-Baghdadi’s death. Another ‘second,’ however, could be Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, who was described as the group’s No. 2 and was killed in August 2015 by a U.S. airstrike in Iraq.

This is also the second time in two days that Trump has warned about the U.S. targeting a leader of the group.

Speaking in New York City on Monday at the opening of the 100th annual parade organized by the United War Veterans Council in Madison Square Park, Trump said ‘al-Baghdadi is dead.

His second in charge is dead. We have our eyes on number 3.’Al-Baghdadi led IS as it sought to establish an Islamic ‘caliphate’ across Syria and Iraq.

It’s unclear what impact his death may have on the group, but U.S. officials and military commanders have said repeatedly that pockets of insurgents remain in Iraq and Syria and are still intent on conducting attacks.

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