San Francisco Golden Bridge

San Francisco is known as one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world. Culture is a major tourist attraction. San Francisco is recognized as a diverse city when it comes to traditional foods, dressing codes, building designs and museums.

A Favorable climate is another aspect that has allowed tourists to visit with lots of comfort and satisfaction. During the summer when the temperatures rise, fog is formed which, lowers the temperature of the city.

The places in San Francisco are known for a high percentage of tourists. Cites for tourist attraction include: Muir Woods, and Fisherman wharf, Pier 39, the golden Bridge and Tilden Regional Park.

There is a bucket list of places that can make the tourist enjoy themselves and have a remarkable experience in San Francisco. Furthermore, the destination is most occupied by tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe. It is known as the entertainment, commercial, cultural and financial Centre of the Golden State of California. Tourists visit San Francisco in high numbers to venture in different tourist attraction sites.

The Gold Gate Bridge and Muir woods monument

Every tourist who travels to San Francisco cannot leave without seeing the stunning scenery of the Golden Bridge. The orange suspension of the bridge is appealing to the human eye.

Tourists engages themselves in amazing activities like walking across the bridge and cycling. The tourists are captivated by the bridge while sailing below the waters, walking or even above the seaplane.

The Gold Gate Bridge is beautiful and tourist keep records of amazing experiences by taking photos. Moreover, they are delighted by scenic meanders over the bay and amazing history about the bridge.

At the Welcome Centre, tourists are taught the history and they are taken through the different facilities that are available.

Muir woods is located on Mount Tamaulipas. It’s allocated at the part of the Gold Gate recreational Centre covering 554 acres. There are approximately 2 million acres of redwood trees in California.

The park is known by the tourists for the beautiful scenery that it offers where memorable photographs can be taken.

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