“This is How I Deal with Bahati’s Baby mama” Revealed Diana Marua

Yvette (left) and Diana Marua (right)

Gospel Singer Bahati’s wife; Diana Marua has spoken about the nature of the relationship with her husband’s baby mama Yvette Obura.

Diana addressed the matter after a curious fan asked her whether she and her husband communicate with her.

Bahati’s fiancée revealed that her husband communicates with his baby mama and she has no problem with it.

She also explained that she understands the communication between the two is for the sake of their daughter.“The fact that they have a daughter together, it goes without saying that they have to communicate…” she said.

Bahati and baby mama

Diana also made it clear that she treats Mweni like her own child.In her opinion, there is nothing more rewarding than the fact that Mweni has confidence in her and she gets to interact with her siblings whenever she visits.

According to Diana, Bahati was open when they got into the relationship by revealing that he had a daughter.Marua also added that she was aware of what she was getting into when she agreed to date Bahati.

Related imageAt that point, Diana says that she never thought about how baby mama’s relate to the current woman in a man’s life.“I told myself we will just deal with it as it comes and for me, I did not have a problem with that,” she revealedShe also emphasized that there is no bad blood or beef and they all get to live a good life.

Bahati’s Baby mama

Her major highlight is that God is everything in marriage and that is how her family is blessed.

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