Jimi Wanjigi denies promising Eliud Kipchoge private jet, says the social media accounts under his name are fake

“It wasn’t me,” Wanjigi denies promising Kipchoge a jet

Business tycoon Jimi Wanjigi on Saturday evening disowned a Twitter account bearing his name that had claimed he was going to buy Eliud Kipchoge a private jet after beating the INEOS 1:59 marathon challenge.

The businessman said that the account bearing the username @jimiwanjigi1 does not belong to him and that it is being operated by an imposter.

“It is a fake account, it has nothing to do with me but we are proud of Eliud Kipchoge for what he has done for the human race and for Kenya in particular,”

This came after the world record holder Eliud Kipchoge beat the odds to run a 42-kilometer marathon under two hours.

The account had on October 9, 2019, posted that if Kipchoge wins the challenge he would be awarded a private jet by the user of the account.

This tweet was widely shared among Kenyans and many were waiting to see the promise being fulfilled after the runner won the challenge in Vienna yesterday.

Wanjigi, however, admitted that the creativity of the user was exceptional and that he has nothing against him.

“I actually want to meet the person behind the tweet over a cup of tea because his creativity has shaped conversations of Kenyans online,” he added.

Other sources revealed that the tycoon does not communicate on social media platforms.

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