It seems like someone is painting zebras in Masaai Mara

Another zebra foal with a unique skin pattern has been spotted in Maasai Mara, Narok county.

Pictures show that the foal with albino-like features; black and white stripes are only seen on its neck and legs.Reports indicate that the foal has been named Manie after John Manie Kipas, the tour guide who spotted it.

Emmanuel Kibitok said: “Someone is painting Zebras in Maasai Mara” as Joshua Kavuvi echoed his sentiments.

Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey, passing it off as zebraGitweeta posted a picture of the recent finding alongside that of Tira, a rare polka-dotted zebra that was spotted in Tanzania one week ago after leaving the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

Tira, who is just a few months old, left Kenya with the parents during the annual wildebeest migration.”Wow! Another beautiful zebra foal ‘abnormality’ discovered in Kenya’s Mara.

Named Manie after the guide that ‘discovered’ him/her,” one Twitter user, Xpose, said.

It was named after Antony Tira, a Maasai tour guide and photographer who first spotted the animal and posted its pictures on the Matira Bush Camp Facebook page.

A Forbes report said the pictures threw tourists into a frenzy as tour guides’ phones rang off the hook; animal enthusiasts wanted to catch a glimpse of the rare spectacle.

Experts say the foal had allegedly been mistaken as pseudo-melanistic; a condition where animals display some abnormality in their stripe pattern.

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