Bahati’s Sister-in-law Causes Drama As She Busts Him In Meeting With Another Woman

Drama in the Bahati dynasty always gets better or worse for him.He fired his PA, Emma, a few months ago after she went to give Diana Marua some information on his association with girls at his workplace.

Of course, that made his wife mad and so to stop her from doing ti again, he fired her.Bahati’s new PA is not any better.

Diana Marua (left) and her sister Val (right)

Val, Diana’s sister was given the job as his new personal assistant and her first day at work was all drama.The two went for a meeting with Mtoto Wa Mama’s friend. Val was told to sit at the reception since she came uninvited.

She became curious as to who he was meeting and more so if she was female.Diana Marua called her as she sat at the reception.


She fed her information that made Mama Heaven worked up and she asked her sister to take the phone to Bahati.

She went snooping around and Bahati saw her and he went to call her out asking her why she is being so weird.

Valarie was angered by this she called him out,huyu ni media personality mgani sijawahi muona?

You think I do not know the presenters in media? This are the thing you used to so with Emma as your PA and that is why you fired her?

Let me tell you Bahati I am here as your personal assistant and I am here as Diana’s sister.

Your wife’s sister. Ama that is Sandra the woman who brought drama in your marriage?

Bahati was so angry he had to tell her they step out and have this conversation because she was loud.unachoma.

Val is making today a long day and I need to do something.I do not know how far she will be a PA at EMB but let’s see.

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