Gospel Singer Weezdom Exposed After ‘Nyemelearing’ Diana Marua’s Younger Sister

Gospel singer Weezdom has found himself on the lips of Kenyans after he was exposed for sliding in Diana Marua’s younger sister Valarie’s DM.Val who works for Bahati exposed Weezdom during the latest episode of Bahati Reality show after EMB CEO assigned her to work closely with Peter Blessing and Weezdom.

However, Val refused to work with Weezdom claiming that he (Weezdom) is a womanizer.“No no no mimi siwezi work na huyu mtu Weezdom ni kafisi if you want to get rid of me hell no am not going anywhere,lakini siwezi work na huyu mtu,” she said.“This Weezdom guy is just something else siwezi na sitawai work na yeye na anajua kwa nini.”She went on to reveal the reason she can’t work with Weezdom is that he slid into her DM.“Huyu alikuwa akislide kwa DM yangu, ata niko na screenshots,” she revealed.

However, Weezdom denied sliding on her DM claiming that he is too handsome to slide in her DM.“Sijawai kukatia sijui mbona nikukatie am single and searching, but ata tutoe iyo searching kama wasichana wote wako kama wewe heri nibaki single,” he said.

The heated argument forced Bahati to prematurely end the meeting.Bahati’s PA drama Bahati employed Diana’s younger sister Val as his personal assistant after firing Emma.“I also happen to be having new PA coz the other one alikuwa anataka ohh security ooh sijui nini huyu na mnapeleka pole pole,” said Bahati.

Bahati fired his previous PA Emma after she spilled the beans about Bahati’s alleged infidelity.

Emma told Diana that there was a certain lady who never misses Bahati’s concerts and she might be having an affair with her husband.“Kuna huyu particular chick, kila event ako hapo, sijui anajuanga aje mahali concert za Baha hukuwa but mimi humuona hapo frontline kila siku.

Hata kama nakwambia there is no way huyu dem atakuwa anakuja kila concert Baha ako alafu akae hapo frontline aje,”Emma said.

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