What a hair style??: Woman’s hair style stirs debate on social media

A woman’s intricate pink, plaited locks have been mocked online for looking remarkably like a penis.

An image of the anonymous woman’s phallic hairstyle was posted to Twitter on Tuesday by blogger Stephanie Yeboah, from London, who suggested the elaborate design bore a striking resemblance to a man’s genitals.

And social media users were quick to comment on the amusing photograph and agreed with the writer’s suggestion.‘I didn’t see hair at first’, wrote one, while another added: ‘Seen something different for a second.’As another admitted they had to do ‘a double-take’, a fourth added: ‘Hot damn, I did too.

A real weird one.’‘It looks like a penis…sorry,’ another commented bluntly.Twitter users mocked the thick braid and the ‘vein-like’ details running down the length of the unidentified woman’s hair.Nine-year-old Ragdoll Daisy’s fur is mostly grey, but the middle of her nose up to her forehead is light brown – creating a phallic outline.

Mini Kitty Commune animal rescue in Sydney, posted her picture on Facebook last month in a bid to re-home her.‘Some say she has unfortunate facial markings but we call it totally unique,’ the post read. ‘Daisy is ready to spend her time snuggling on anything warm and happy to watch the world go by.’Social media users said her unique markings made her all the more cute, with one person writing: ‘How can anyone say she is unfortunate looking?? I think she is beautiful!’

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