Trouble in paradise after Otile showers Vera with love on her birthday and ignores Nabayet’s

Otile Brown took the world for a joke after failing to honor the love Nabayet wholly gave him only to return and plead for forgiveness all over social media.

Kenyans actually became empathetic with him to an extent of pleading with Nabayet to just forgive him and get back together.

Otile at the time looked pretty remorseful for his actions and said he is a changed man and will do it again and again only for his Nabbi.

Well, we took him seriously. But was he worth our compassion?VeraSo Vera has clocked 30 and she can’t keep calm on social media with post after another, updating fans on the chain of events in regard to her being 30.And Otile Brown dare be left behind in wishing his curvy ex a happy 30th birthday.

Vera’s birthday did not slip his mind and this is his message to a 30-year old Vera:Happiest birthday mbaya wangu .

More life , more blessings .. #OB#justinlovemusic #wegotnothingbutloveBut that is no big deal, once in love, forever will, however suppressed it becomes. The big battle though here is, Nabayet has her birthday coming up too but Otile never bothered.

Through her Insta pages, Nabbi was quick to remind fans of her birthday prior to the date captioning:…aaaand the birthday countdown and birthday week officially begins today♥️But a remorseful Otile was nowhere to be seen, let alone comment on her post.

Mixed reactions

A move that has since then caused online uproar with fans reacting:Ulimaanisha “mbawa” ama 🙌Mhh kiroho safi???Lol….accont hacked@evans_wangunda yyyyy…I thought so🔥🔥Masikini vp kuhusu nabby yeye haumu wish birthday?????

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