Inter Milan Owner Suning Set Aside €1.3 Billion To Buy European Brands

Inter’s owners Suning have set aside a sum of €1.3 billion to expand their brand in Europe according to a report from Blog Taormina.The Chinese company wish to purchase several European brands over the next three years, including no less than 150 Italian brands.

“An Italian advisory is already working on opening a channel with the Suning group and would be ready to offer Zhang a portfolio of properties in Sicily, with an important accommodation facility in Taormina but also assuming other types of real estate transactions and investment in the commerce and food sector.

Developments on this front could come already in the coming months,” the report explains.“Taormina is the capital of Sicilian tourism, the most attractive place on the island and among the most known and admired Italian places in the world, which in 2017 was also the site of a G7 summit and already known to the Chinese also because last spring in this city the reality show “Chinese Restaurant” was shot, which was seen by 25 million people in China.”

The report concludes: “Suning, moreover, can boast the presence of some Italian consultants who are very familiar with the Sicily and Taormina in particular.”

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