Is Zari Hassan really speaking the truth about men? She says men prefer to marry women below 30-years old

Zari said girls aged 18 to 30 years should accept proposals by serious men

The socialite said when ladies reach 30 to 35 years, they become desperate for husbands and will start praying like never before, moving from one church to another- In her submission, she argued no man aged 27 or thereabout would go for any woman above 30 yearsUgandan beauty queen Zari Hassan has advised young ladies to get married before they reach 30 years.

Zari, who got married for the first time in 2004, at the age of 24, said girls aged 18 to 24 always attract serious men who are ready to marry them but at this stage, most of them do not want to be engaged.

A majority of the socialite’s fans agreed with her for offering ladies solid marriage advise.

Through her Facebook page, the socialite said young girls below the age of 25 make uninformed decisions of engaging with small boys instead of accepting proposals from real men who are ready to be with them for life.

At this stage, Zari claimed girls say they are too young for marriage and do not give a hoot about it. Others are too focused on books and argue marriage is full of problems and that guys aged 30 are too old for them.”At age 27-30, they now start looking for men to marry not boys to have sex and play with again.

You will see them forcing themselves to marry a man who don’t want to marry them.

Please we beg you, leave us alone,” she said.”No single man at age 27-30 will like to marry a lady of 30-35. Now you hear the sisters say age does not matter,” Zari further argued.

Meet 13-year-old mzungu boy who speaks fluent Maasai and herds cattleA majority of the socialite’s fans agreed with her for offering ladies solid marriage adviseThe socialite was first married at the age of 24 .

Zari HassanOne Mohd Azeem claimed Zari’s thinking was different from other people.

“Your thinking is so different from other people, you are a real queen and you words are priceless,” Azeem posted.“Nice advice to ladies, thanks so much the boss lady,” said Rams Chedieli.

However, one Brenda Nnambalirwa said marriage depends on God’s plan.“Yes, you can have many suitors but trust me not everyone you dated wanted to marry you ,that is all God’s plan on when you will get a soul mate,” she said.“You might date for years but none of those guys wants you as a wife, you may then date someone for a month and his mind is all about marrying you, so we got no control over certain things, destiny is part of every one’s life and its always irresistible,” she added.

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