AFC Leopards fun Begging To Be Taken To Hospital after getting involved in an accident As Onlookers Were Busy Filming

“Please help me…this discussion will not help, just help me, my mother will not sleep,” are some of the last words of AFC Leopards’ fan Annet Kabareka as she begged onlookers who were pushing to get videos and pictures of her injuries after she suffered an accident that involved a motorbike.

Annett, 22 years of age, was on a boda boda when a matatu said to be on high speed hit them from behind throwing them into a ditch leaving her fatally injured along Lunyerere area.Annett, popularly known as Joy Daizy, was conscious and aware of the fact she was injured in an accident but onlookers who continued to flock the scene of the accident were too busy recording and in no hurry to get her help.

“I am hurting, please take me to the General Hospital…take me to Mbale hospital, please take me to hospital,” Annet is seen pleading while tagging on one of the onlookers begging to be taken to the nearby Mbale hospital in Vihiga County.

Annet who could not trace her phone but held onto her purse even begged the onlookers who were filming her as she writhed in pain to assist her with a phone to call her mother but none of them was moved by her cries.

At some point, an onlooker is heard asking whether Annet can be offered first aid but there is no response as other onlookers ask her to relax as she lies on the bare hard floor.

Finally, the onlookers had enough coverage to ‘break news’ on social media platforms and garner likes and followers and so they took Annett to Mbale hospital but not even at the hospital would the young Annett get help.Doctors at Mbale hospital demanded 5000 shillings in cash before they could administer any form of treatment.

Annett’s mother, Beatrice Adisa, arrived at the hospital with 2,000 shillings in cash but the hospital insisted it was either 5000 shillings or nothing and so Adisa watched helplessly as her daughter took her last air of breath.

“I still believe that she would have not died if the doctors treated her immediately she arrived in the hospital. They refused to administer any form of medication to her because she never had a paltry 5000 shilling at the moment. It is very sad,” Maureen Muhonja, the late Annett’s sister said.

Annett’s body now lies at St. Monica’s Riat hospital in Kisumu as her family prepares to give her a sendoff on Saturday but one cannot help but wonder, would she be alive if there were no recording gadgets and if the hospital did not value her life at 5,000 shillings?

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